Privacy Policy

MiS Technologies Corporation (The Company) herein prescribes Privacy Policy (The policy) and thrives to protect personal information.

How to manage personal information
The Company maintains personal information accurate and up to date. The Company manages personal information by taking necessary steps such as maintaining the security system and the management structure.
How we use personal information
The Company uses the data to provide responses by e-mail or Postal Mail service in regards to your questions to us.
Third party information sharing
The Company will not share your information to third parties except for the three cases described below.
  • With your approval
  • When the data needs to be shared with subcontractors to provide you with our service/products.
  • When required by law
How we protect your personal information
The Company establishes security structure in order to keep the data accurate and protected.
Identity verification
Personal information is viewed, revised or deleted if you request us to do upon personal identity verification.
Compliance with the law and revision of The policy
The Company complies with related law and regulations. We also review and improve The policy to protect the personal information.
Questions about The policy
Please contact us if you have questions regarding The policy.

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