3D printed products

3D Printed Sockets

3D printed sockets are conveniently available for small quantities and ambient-only qualification tests.
Advantages of 3D printed sockets over machined sockets are low cost and short lead time. MiS proposes the best customized socket solutions for budgets and applications.

Advantages of 3D printed sockets
Suitable for prototypes
Available from 1 pc quantity
Low cost and short lead time than machined sockets

3D Printed Socket Examples

  • MEMSマイクロフォン用ソケット

    MEMS Microphone sockets

    3D Printed Parts
  • オープントップ型ソケット

    Open top type sockets

    3D Printed Parts

3D Printed Crystal Device Tray

3D printed crystal device tray is available for crystal device visual inspection. Inexpensive solution for quantities from 1 pc.

Device sizes supported 7050~2016
Maximum devices on a tray 256 pcs
(16 x 16 array)
Tray dimensions 90×50 mm
Operating temperature Ambient *1
Material Acrylic
Minimum order quantity 1 pc

Maximum operating temperature is 260C depending upon the material used and accuracy required.

3D Printed Socket Examples

  • 3225用トレイ

    3225 package tray

  • 拡大写真

    Zoomed view