Probe Pin Contacts

  • 片端プローブ

    Single Sided Probe Pins

    • Plunger is on one side of pins
    • Most common structure
  • 両端プローブ

    Both Sided Probe Pins

    • Plungers are on both sides of pins
    • Primary application includes probe cards that are used for interfacing with boards.
  • 狭ピッチプローブ

    Narrow Pitch Probe Pins

    • Super-Ultra-Fine probe pins made by ultra-micro fabrication technology
    • Used for semiconductor’s FOL (Front Of Line) measurement

Probe Pin Contact Customization

MiS supports customizations shown below.

  • 大電流

    High current

    Automotive devices (e.g. EGBT)

  • 高周波

    High frequency

    5G standard and sensor devices

  • 狭ピッチ

    Fine pitches

    Fine pitches are required for ultra-miniature SMD packages

  • 非磁性

    Non-Magnetic Material

    Hall IC’s used for GPS and other applications

  • 対ハンダ


    Solders on pins interfere conductivity of BGA packages

  • ケルビン


    Suitable for accurate measurement by Kelvin contacts (2 pins on a pad)