Technologies and Innovations

Technology and proposals for test socket solutions

MiS Technologies are the specialized test socket manufacturer for crystal devices, MEMS sensors and other electrical devices. We have proven track record of successful 20 years in the business with customers continued support.
Customers packages tend to be unique from other customers and requirements for those sockets widely varies.
We propose the best socket solutions for each customer with our 20 years of experience and over 1,500 R&D on sockets.

  • 検査用ソケットに関する技術力と提案力
  • 検査用ソケットに関する技術力と提案力
  • 検査用ソケットに関する技術力と提案力

Pursuit For Miniature Test Sockets


A car uses 30 to 40 crystal devices. A luxury car often uses over 100 of them. It is expected that more increasing quantity of crystal devices would be used as automotive technologies continue to advance. High performance crystal devices are required in ultra miniature packages as car electrification continues.
MiS Technologies design, develop and offer ultra miniature package sockets for 2016, 1210, and 1008 packages and more. Please contact us.

  • Fully customized test sockets that meets special technical and physical dimensional requirements
  • Semi-customized test sockets that meet technical and budget requirements
  • Low-cost standardized sockets

Fabless manufacturing


Fabless business model allows us to focus on new product design and development to meet customer needs.
MiS technologies and high-technology assembly partners pursue for sophisticated quality management and high-quality products.
We can focus and enhance our design and development on products with fabless business model.