We, as a specialized manufacturer, supply customized test sockets for customers’ requirements for electronic devices such as crystal devices. We are proud to be the No.1 supplier for crystal devices. Our socket designs accommodate various package size by adjusting the size of the device insertion slots. Supported applications include, not limited to, crystal oscillators, resonators, SAW filters, chip capacitors, MEMS, sensors, and semiconductors. Our customers are from Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, The USA, European countries.

Products and Development


Integrated circuit device sockets

MLCC sockets

The world’s only socket for MLCC evaluation available for markets. MiS technologies developed a clamshell type socket for ultra-miniature electronic devices of 1.0mm x 0.5mm size which is difficult to inspect by naked eyes.

Sockets for bare chips

The socket is designed for microscope inspections of biased MEMS and CMOS die surface.

3D printed products

Offering quick turnaround 3D printed sockets and trays for prototype and ambient temp inspection

Probe Pin Contacts

Development and sale for probe contact pins. Customized pins are also available.

Group Companies and Businesses

  • Metal and Mold resin machining

    Metal and Mold resin machining

    Professional machining services for engineering plastics and ultra-fine machining

    Seiken Co., Ltd.
  • Printed Circuit Board Design and Assembly

    Printed Circuit Board Design and Assembly

    Manual soldering service up to 0402 packages (0.4mm x 0.2mm)

    Shinano Seiken CO.,Ltd.